What is morning desert safari Dubai and its activities:

Dubai is the city of entertainment, and it attracts most people from the entire world. Age and gender don't matter to perform unique and thrilling activities. In Dubai, the most attractive place is the Arabian desert. Dubai's desert safari attracts too many people and is also considered the best holiday place. Tourists come to the Arabian desert to experience the urban lifestyle and thrilling outdoor activities. 


Desert Safari:


There are various types of desert safari Dubai, like the morning, evening, and overnight. We all know that Dubai is famous for its amusement parks, various landmarks, shopping malls, and nightlife. But the major attraction of Dubai is the morning desert safari. So, in this article, you will read everything about the morning desert safari Dubai. 


Don't miss the morning desert safari:


The morning desert safari is the best option to spend holidays to enjoy the Arab city activities. If you didn't try before, it is the best chance to experience the desert safari. However, among all desert safari Dubai packages, the morning safari attracts most tourists. So, if you don't have enough time, you can select the morning safari to perform the thrilling activities. The sunrise view, quad biking, and other activities provide you with a unique experience. 


Activities in the morning desert safari:


There are too many activities that you can perform in the morning desert safari. So, if you have selected the morning safari, then read all the activities that you can achieve, including:


Beautiful sunrise view:


The morning desert safari is the best option to experience the beautiful sunrise view. The sun shines, and the golden rays will make the sand of the Arabian desert more beautiful. The golden beauty of the sun will insist you take some fantastic pictures. This is why the morning desert safari is a favorite for photogenic people. So, we recommend you not forget your best camera. 


Dune bashing:


It is considered the most thrilling activity of the desert safari. In this activity, you can experience the ride of the 4x4 SUV in the mid of the desert. The driver will ride the SUV through the sand and wind, making this activity most thrilling. However, remember that the tour operators will pick you up from your hotel or selected location for this activity. However, the timing of the dune bashing is about thirty minutes. 


Camel ride:


The next activity you can perform is the camel ride included in every morning safari. This ride is about forty-five minutes and provides you the opportunity to explore the desert. Exploring the Arabian desert with the camel ride provides you with a fantastic experience. Other than this, you can also experience the Falcon, and it is another attraction of the desert safari Dubai. However, you can also take some fantastic pictures during the camel ride. 


Thrilling Sandboarding:


The other thrilling activity of the morning desert safari is sandboarding, which is also considered one of the best adventure sports. However, you will find the various 200 to 300-meter dunes best for sandboarding. Basically, in this activity, you have to slip down from the high dunes with the help of a unique board. This activity looks like snowboarding but different from it. If you have experience in snowboarding, then this activity will provide you with a unique and thrilling experience. 


Quad biking:


The next thrilling activity that we want to tell you about is quad biking; it is the best activity for those people who love bike riding. In this activity, you can ride the quad bike around the curves. With the help of this activity, you can easily explore the Arabian desert, and it is the perfect option for those who love adventure. 


Hot air ballooning:


If you want the perfect 360-degree view of the Arabian desert, then hot air ballooning is the best activity for you. The hot air balloon can easily hold more than 20 people simultaneously and provides you with a fantastic view of the entire desert. With the help of this activity, you can view the wildlife of the Arabian desert, including camels, gazelles, and other animals. 


How to select the desert safari tour company:


Suppose you are going to Dubai Desert Safari for the first time, then you should know how to select the morning desert safari Dubai tour company. There are two ways to choose the best tour company, the first is online and the second way is to go to their office. Most people prefer to book the tour online. If you are doing this online, then the first thing you have to do is select two or more tour companies. 


After this, you have to compare their package, activities, timing, and price. When you compare all the things, you have to select the tour company according to your need and budget. Remember one thing that always selects the famous company because they always care for everything.


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