Reasons To Ride The Camel In Desert Safari Dubai:

Dubai is considered one of the most progressive cities worldwide. However, your view will change when you experience the camel ride on a desert safari. The Arabian desert is different from Dubai city. The golden sands of the Arabian desert with the camel represent the lifestyle of Bedouin Arabs. The camel ride in the desert safari Dubai will provide every visitor unique experience. The camel ride activity is included in the must-do activities of the Dubai desert safari. The camel is also known as the " ship of the Arabian desert". It contains the ability to travel long distances without water and food. 


Desert Safari:


That's why the camel is considered the best mode of transport in the Desert Safari Dubai. Besides this, the camel ride is also the best way to know about the culture and the life of the traditional Arabs. Remember that every desert safari Dubai tour package includes a camel ride activity. The main motive of this ride is to provide the opportunity to know how the Bedouins spend their lives. 


So, in this article, we will tell you why it is essential for you to ride a camel on a Dubai desert safari. You should read the entire article if you think the camel ride is not crucial. 


Reason to ride the camel in desert safari Dubai:


The first thing you should know is the camel ride is different from the 4WD Land Cruiser ride. The best part of this ride is that it is not only for the adults. Anyone can enjoy the camel ride in the desert safari. Sitting on the camel's back at height is thrilling and provides you with a unique experience. 


During the camel ride, the desert view, along with the fauna and flora, provides you with an exhilarating and different experience. Other than this, you can also see the Arabian gazelles and the oryxes that capture your complete attraction. Vegetation and the oases will leave marks in every visitor's memory. 


What you can expect from the camel ride:


The first thing you have to do on a desert safari tour is going to the pickup spot. Your tour operator picked you up from the selected spot and took you to the Arabian sands. After this, the dune bashing session will start, where the professional drivers will drive the 4x4 vehicle by going to the up and downside of the sands. This is the most exciting activity that you should not miss. 


After this activity, you can also try the other traditional activities to enjoy the desert safari Dubai tour. These activities include henna painting, shisha smoking, holding falcons, camel rides, etc. However, you can find two types of camels in the UAE. The first is the Bactrian camel, and the other is the Arabian Dromedary camel. The Bactrian camel contains two humps, and the Dromedary camel has a single hump. 


The experts will guide you through everything when you are ready to perform the camel ride in desert safari Dubai. They provide you with complete instructions for what you have to do and what you don't have to do. These professionals will ensure that your came ride will be exciting, safe, and smooth. Besides this, you don't have to worry because these camels are patient and calm animals. 


You will also have the opportunity to take the photographer with you to capture the best moments. The professional photographer will teach you about the best angles for photography during the camel ride. The best time to capture the pictures during a camel ride is sunrise and sunset.


Every camel desert safari Dubai tour ends with the Arabian food experience. In this dinner, you will get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Other than this, you can also enjoy the live entertainment shows with the BBQ dinner. However, the desert safari tour will end with a Bedouin-style breakfast. 


Enjoy the camel ride with the desert safari tour:


Most people have a dream to experience the camel ride. If you have the budget to experience this activity in the Dubai Desert Safari, you don't have to delay further. This activity is considered one of the most exciting and fun activities of the Dubai desert safari. When you ride on the back of the camel, then this thing provides you with the best view of the Arabian desert that you have never seen before. 


The essential thing for you is to hire the best tour company for the camel ride. You can book the tour company online that contains budget-friendly packages. Always find the company who has been providing their services for many years. It is because they have experienced and professional tour operators. Remember that before hiring the tour company, you should check other people's reviews. If you think this company is best for desert safari, Dubai, hire them.


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