Best Guide to Dubai Desert Safari: All You Need to Know

When someone talks about the Dubai visit, the only thing which comes into mind is the towering skyscrapers and charming choices. Many of the new visitors neglect the true beauty of the Arabian Desert in this fabulous city. It takes only 30 to 40 minutes to ride away from Dubai city. You can have a unique and natural view of a vast desert at this distance. But it is not as still as it looks like. There are jaw-dropping activities in the Desert offered by Dubai desert safari planners.

Desert Safari:

If you are a new one to visit Dubai, then in this blog, you will know about the activities and desert safari types which you can do on your trip. All these activities are truly fantastic and will tickle your happy hormones to boost up to their high. The desert safari is held in the vast Arabian Desert, which allows you to cut yourself off from the crowd and noise of the vast city effortlessly. In the Desert, you will experience those things you may have never experienced before. All the packages involve adventure, nature, traditional and cultural activities.

Dune Bashing:

In the dune bashing, you will experience the safari ride on compelling 4x4 vehicles. The visitors cannot ride themselves; only the experts and professional drivers can handle these heavy vehicles. These powerful rides move you through the seas of high and low dunes. If you like to have an adventurous safari ride, it is mainly for you.

Sunset and Sunrise:

Many Dubai Desert Safari organizers allow visitors to have a fantastic sunset and sunrise view. There is a morning desert safari package for the sunrise lover, and for sunset, you can have an evening desert safari. During these times, it does not matter whether you love photography or not; the only thing you can do right now captures the moment.

Experiencing the Fabulous Traditional Arabian Hospitality:

You will reach the Arabian camps after the thrilling dune bashing and some stops in the way. These are the Bedouin style campsite which looks beautiful. Here you are allowed to spend the remaining time with your loved ones before leaving the Desert safari. In these camps, you will experience how the Arabs give a warm welcome to their guest. They provide you with fresh dates and Arabic coffee to charge you for more adventurous activities.

Wobble Camel Riding:

When you hop up on camelback, you will see the breathtaking dunes of different colors. It is also one of the adventurous activity, and you have to hold yourself well as the camel move with a wobbling motion. It is full of fun and thrill. Moreover, it insight you the lifestyle of ancient Arabs. Camels are their friendly companion to move here and there before the pre-oil era.

Quad Biking:

There is nothing better than riding quad biking in the vast Desert. It gives you an exhilarating experience that will stick to your mind for the rest of your life. If you also want to have quad biking, you will be amazed to know that it does not require a specific license or experience to try this. Before trying this, you have to listen to the brief explanation of instructors.

Cultural activities:

Dubai desert safari is not all about the boosting of adrenaline. Besides, many activities help you dig into the cultural heritage and intriguing traditions. In this way, you can enjoy tattoo making and henna designing in the Arabian way.

Additionally, you can enjoy shisha, a falconry show, and belly dance in Arabian camps. Capture breathtaking pictures of wearing cultural attire. 


These involve luxurious and deluxe dinners, BBQ parties with your family and friends, live dance performances and cultural shows, sleep in Bedouin-style camps in the middle of a vast desert. It is one of the peaceful and minds refreshing experiences.

Moreover, the quality and taste of the cuisine entirely depend on the selected package organizers. There are many known organizers whom you can trust for a quality experience. Some of them allow you to have live cooking stations with your friends, accessible fresh fruits corner, and lavish BB fares.

Traditional Shows:

In the Bedouin camps, there is traditional Tanoura and Belly Dance along with fire shows, making your safari tour unforgettable. Besides, spending a night under the sky full of stars makes you feel the uniqueness and glory of the vast Desert. It will be a night which you have never experienced in your life.

Bottom Line:

After going through the entire guide, you will edit visiting places and add Desert safari Dubai to your Dubai tour. It is more than simple words explanation. Pick your best package from the known trip and tour planners and enjoy the Dubai desert safari with unforgettable moments.


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