Guide to Wear at the Time Of Visiting Desert Safari Dubai:

We all know that the desert safari Dubai is present on the list of every tourist in the entire world. Visiting this place provides you with the best experience of your life. You can do many things like shopping, camping, hot air ballooning, and many other things. Overall there are too many activities that you can do.


Desert Safari:

People who visited the Desert Safari said that they don't perform some activities because of the time. But the main thing is proper dressing at the time of visiting desert safari Dubai. So, if you are planning to visit the Dubai desert safari then it is very important to know what to wear. In this article, we will tell you what to wear at the time of visiting desert safari.


Best Clothing For Tourists:

The first thing that you should know is that you are free to wear everything, it is not important for you to wear modest clothing. But for women, it is important to wear clothes that cover the knees and shoulders. Other than this the afternoons of the desert safari are sunny and the time of mornings and evenings are very cold.

So, it is important for every visitor to always wear breathable clothes that work perfectly in both cold and hot weather and also in the abundant dust. However, we always recommend wearing loose clothes because loose clothes are more comfortable especially at the time of sand skiing and also for the other rides. Other details of clothes are given below.


Personal Wear:

The first thing that you should follow is you must wear loose-fitting comfy jeans and trousers, and this is for both men and ladies. If you wear clothes that are in cotton or linen, then this is cooler and comfortable than other stuff. If you are planning for the morning and evening safaris, then the hoodie will also be the best option.

For men, we recommend cotton pants. You can also wear shorts because these are considered the best summer wear especially after the hot afternoons. But shorts are not the best option for the desert safari in Dubai and the reasons for not wearing the shorts are given below.

  • The first reason is most of the tourists sit in the AC jeep and at that time shorts will be uncomfortable.
  • Next is, if you want to do sand activities like dune bashing or sand-boarding then it might be possible that sand will be gathered in uncomfortable places. Other than this, wearing shorts at the time of came ride makes you uncomfortable.
  • If we compare the shorts with the zip-off trousers then these convertible trousers are the best option for men. I hope now you understand why not wear shorts all the time.

If we talk about ladies then you can wear the Salwar Kameez, T-shirts, or pants. If you don't want to wear the T-shirts then you can wear the full-sleeve top, but remember that this top should be loose-fitting. But if you are thinking of wearing skirts then this will not be an option especially for the sand-boarding or camel ride.


Remember one thing, it is important for both men and women to bring along shawls, sweaters, or jackets because the temperature will fall at night. And from the sand and sun protection, you can wear a scarf.


Safari Desert Footwear:

You can wear sneakers, flip-flops, and light boots. All this footwear the best option because most of the time the dune bashing will be performed on the Land Cruiser. If you want to walk on the dunes then you can wear sneakers and light boots, other than this the flip-flops are also ok for you.


Extra Wear For Desert Safari Dubai:

If we talk about the extra wear, then the first thing you should carry is a hat for the shade and also sunglasses. If you carry sunscreen and lip balm, then both of these are also good. Remember to avoid heavy makeup because it causes sweating.

If you are going to a desert safari with your family and also have kids then don't forget to carry the extra clothing, baby cream, towel, feeding bottles, diapers, and also other stuff that you need for your kids.



Now, after reading the entire article we hope that you understand what you wear at the time of visiting Desert Safari Dubai. You can wear anything you want. It is not compulsory to wear a special suit. But if you follow all the tips for wearing then you will feel more comfortable all the time at desert safari. If you feel this article is helpful, then don't forget to share this with other people like with your friends, family, and also on your social media platforms.


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