Desert Safari in Dubai wonderful site to visit

The United Arab Emirates has new and amazing of the outstanding sandy Mountains in the world. Visiting the desert safari in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is an unforgettable experience where not only activities are carried out in the sand dunes but also various types of animals can be contemplated. Depending on the visitor's taste and availability, desert activities can be done in Dubai. Like taking photos, riding camels, enjoying Dubai cuisine, a beautiful Tanoura dance or belly dancing show, etc. You must go for a desert safari in a 4x4 that land cruiser of the ridges of Dubai's best sand dunes. There are waiting for a camel for your riding, picture section with hawks, let the henna attracts your hands.


Properties of Dubai desert safari

The Dubai Desert Safari has a lot of amazing views and activities inside it. These Dubai desert safaris bring a sensational sense of beauty and charm. We introduce the special properties that are shown within it as well. There are many properties that make this special and make them stand out in the field of travel. The city of Dubai is the site that adds beauty and enhances the charm of this city. You may be well aware of the features of these, but you should also keep an eye on the below-listed features. There are many little insights that collectively establish its features and add to its charm. There are many kinds of shows, dinner dishes, and other features also. 


Major properties of the morning desert safari

There are many proper mornings that make these sites special. The morning desert safari gives you a glimpse of an amazing show. kinds of stalls are going to be found here. The Dubai Safari includes camel riding, dune bashing, and other features as well. Many properties are carried out by this special site. The land cruiser is there to give you a special time period in this Dubai desert safari. 


General description

An impeccably designed adventure program for those who love fun in the middle of the Arabian desert. ATVs are automatic, therefore anyone over the age of 10 can enjoy the thrill even if it is their first time riding. Our exciting journey is wrapped up with many activities, such as a 3-5km off-road ride with a 4 × 4 WD jeep en route to the starting point (each way). 1 hour without any disturbance quad biking, exciting and adventurous in the middle of the desert, skiing on the sand dunes,  and the fun camel ride.

The desert safari in Dubai (Desert Safari) is undoubtedly the most demanded activity in Dubai, every day dozens of agencies make excursions to the desert of various types and at different times.


What does it consist of?

Although the name of safari may be misleading, the Dubai Desert Safari is a visit to the desert in 4x4 cars where reminiscent of the Paris Dakar, drivers unleash their sports driving skills.

Cars speed through the desert up and down mountains and lean-to unsuspected limits, so it cannot be said that it is an ideal activity for people with back problems or pregnant women.

The most daring can additionally rent a quad or practice sandboarding in the dunes. A quieter activity that could not be absent in a desert is taking a camel ride. Sometimes you can also enjoy a falconry show in a desert safari with falcons.


Book Dubai desert tour

You can do it on this same website. For very little money they will pick you up from the hotel, you will ride through the dunes at full speed, you will see the sunset in the desert, you will have dinner in a camp under the stars and you will enjoy a traditional show, which includes belly dancing.

  • 4 * 4 desert excursion with dinner and show

If you want to spend the night in an exclusive camp in the middle of the dunes, we also offer this option, which could be summarized as a trip to the past of Dubai:

  • Luxury safari and night in the desert


Types of excursions

Normally all agencies make various types of excursions to the Dubai Desert Safari, the most common are the following:

  • Desert Safari with dinner and show: This tour is also the traditional "Desert Safari". In addition to the tour through the dunes at full speed, this excursion enjoys the sunset in the desert and also includes dinner and shows of various types, including the famous belly dance. This is the star tour of Dubai, a must.
  • Multi-day tours: Those who wish to sleep in the Dubai desert can do so too. Without a doubt, the desert is one of the best places in the world to appreciate the stars.


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