How Desert Safari Dubai Looks Like and Its Types:

When someone visits the Dubai desert, an unintentional thought and affections come into your mind. It is one of the non-spoiled places of the Desert and holds the charm of old times and Arabian culture in it. Not only this, all the beauty is still preserved with increased care and intentions.


Desert Safari:


The indefinite Desert Safari of Dubai makes an essential part ofenchanting and engrossing tradition, culture and heritage of the United ArabEmirates. Nothing is more suitable to see the beauty and feel the peace in yourromantic day and night than Desert Safari. The Dubai Desert Safari ensures youtake you out from the congested urban environment to a refreshing anda breath-taking adventure. It is an off road trip for you, so it is good toknow something essential about it. 


Types of desert safaris


It is very important for you to know that there are different types of desert safari Dubai that you can enjoy. All the types are given below.


Morning desert safari 


Almost everyone loves tosee the sun while rising in the dawn. It will be magical and icing on the cakewhen you have to see the view in the Middle East. It is the best way to refreshyour soul by catching the magical and raw morning view.


One can get a heavydose of serotonin when having fun and entertainment of this level either it isa quad biking session, a fine bashing ride or riding on the back of a camel for45 minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Just dive in the river of sand and have fun. 


Evening desert safari 


Either you select evening or morning desert safari; both of thesehave their own glance, elegance and enchanter to enjoy. The evening desertSafari includes a number of incredible options. There are three differententertainment categories like food, culture and tradition, Safaris.The Culture and tradition category involve henna tattoos and smoking compriseson different flavours of shisha.


The next category is Old Arab tradition liketanoura or belly dance of male and female performers.At the end, the session of luxurious food begins which involves the taste of Arab traditions. It is like icing on the cake when you look at the cold but orange pinkish colour of sand spread all around the Desert.


Overnight desert safari


Another type of desertsafari includes Overnight desert safari. It will absorb you in the majesty andglory of Dubai Desert safari. You can enjoy the heart-warming views of sun sentand sun rise in the overnight safari package. Not only this, you can enjoy thestay in the desert tents and it turns into a cosy night because of the cold desert. 


Dinner in the desert


If you like to have pure magnificence of theDubai desert, instead of nerve tickling adventures, then you should considerthis option. It is not only to satisfy your hunger pangs with different tastebut also allow you to take part in different entertaining activities for funand joy. It is amazing to enjoy hot barbecue in the canter of the desert withyour loved ones.


Red dune safari


Have you ever listenabout the red dunes safari? No! Well it is also one of the best part of desertSafari in Dubai. It is called red dunes as the sand of some regions of desertlike “Lahbab” has burnt because of heat and turned into red. These red dunes aredeeper than other sand dunes. It has another level of beauty and glance as itfeels like vibrant colour atmosphere


How Desert Safari look like?

Simply, the desert safari is an amazing and relaxing activity. But if you say Dubai desert safari, then it gives different meaning like an adventurous and marvellous mixture of Safari. It involves mouth-watering cuisine, amazing old age Arab culture experience and camel safari.

Dune bashing


It is considered one ofthe most amazing and heart-warming part of the Dubai desert safari. It involves4x4 SUV vehicles or Hummers. You have to drive on the up and down sand dunes for45 minutes. If your stomach is sensitive and has some anxiety issues, then itis good to prepare yourself for an adventurous and wild safari.


Camel rides:


Camel Safari is also oneof the good options which are safe for single people or beginners. It is wobbleand exciting experience which will make you able to recall the ride of old Arabor Bedouins. It lasts for 40 to 45 minutes.


Quad biking and sandboarding:


Both of these are alsosafe than Hummer Dubai Desert Safari. You should consider the option of sand boarding and Quadbiking. If you are sports lover then you should try skiing on sand but you haveto tie your foot on your skateboard, otherwise it could be threatening.


It isalso perfect for beginners. To ride Quad biking, first you have to make surethat you are above 16.Some other options include spending night in the camps and visiting of Bedouin camps to enjoy the hospitality of Arabs.


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